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Powerpuff Yourself

Yes, you can #powerpuff yourself, here. How cool is that? 0

Oh, fuck it.

 Don’t you ever feel like: “I’m not gonna’ give a damn right now. I’m in my selfish years, I might[...]

Can you spot the blogger? ? About 8/9 years old, blogging on my Pentium 1 or something ?? Didn’t even bother to turn around for the damn photo. On film ?

   Yeah, that’s me in that green blouse. And there’s Denisa right next to me (childhood friend), my cousin Larisa[...]

In love with my new heeled gladiator boot/sandal hibrid from @mihaelaglavan ? I mean… in love with my new killer boots from @mihaelaglavan ? look at that heel!


Buna dimineata! Citeste despre ‘Alist in Cluj Napoca.

Imediat dupa festivalul de shopping Half is Free, care a avut loc la Muzeul de Arta, atentia noastra se indrepta catre[...]

Inspiratie de duminica si “Hai pe Instagram sa castigi un UEBOOM”

Iata ultimele pinuri ? in materie de design interior. Dupa cum spunea si Carmen, daca incepi sa cauti orice fotografie[...]

Cum a fost la HALF IS FREE?

Fara alte introduceri, va las mai jos niste scan-uri rapide. Iata ce am facut asta seara la Half is Free[...]