TREND REPORT: Red and pink and how to integrate it intro your spring-summer looks

TREND REPORT: Red and pink and how to integrate it intro your spring-summer looks


One of the trends that’s here to stay (and stylist adore) not only for the fall-winter season, but also for spring summer, due to its feminine-meets-erotica mood, it’s the mix between red la pink. Seen all across the runway for the fall-winter 19-20 season: in a punted-up elegance at Prada (see the bows and massive combat boots) jewellery (Moschino), metallic 80’s nostalgia ensembles at Attico, or eye-catching accessories (red bags for nude-pink look at Maryling, magenta bags for full-leather looks at Gucci) in Moto and sport inspired girly yet so powerful looks at Iceberg and in faux fur at GCDS – red and pink is a mix that still looks fresh and feminine, no matter the cuts you choose (see the pictures of me wearing this Styland masculine red suit with a pink Cactus the Brand velvet turtleneck to get the mood.)

“Especially because its relatively recent association with girlish femininity, pink is perhaps the most controversial, political colour in many cultures. In Japanese culture apricot and cherry blossom, marked its early entry into the Japanese palettes for both male and female. In modern Japan, pink represents many seemingly dichotomous concepts: innocence and eroticism, girlishness and masculinity and so on. Weather it connotes a sense of glamour, eroticism, girlish nostalgia, or male elegance, pink always stand out from the other colours, making it a special colour. The meaning of the colour in Japanese culture has changed over time, but what remains unchanged is the Japanese people’s love of the colour.”  (Thames and Hudson, PINK – The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color)


Of course we’ve also spotted the trend on the streets of Milan – worn by fashionistas from all over the world. As long as we are concerned, this is the more mundane, close to us styling proposal – I’m sure you can find something red and something pink in your closet, but maybe you’ve never paired the items before. So here are some looks to inspire you not for fall-winter, but spring-summer. Ahh, did we mention we’ve also spotted a lot of red-meets-pink at the Oscars last night? (but we will talk about that in some other article, still, here is an Insta Story capture of Julia Roberts)






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