Redecorating the Zen Garden

Redecorating the Zen Garden

Hello guys, as I promised we’re back with home updates on Youtube, these past weeks we’ve been redecorating the Zen Garden, choosing some items WE LOVE from Vivre. You can find them all + my selections for you on a special page, right here!

Which was the inspiration behind this space?

Frist of all, the name, we always called it Zen Garden from the start, but it never was as zen as it is today, mainly because to be honest it was the very last zone of the house we actually took care of. But the time has come. Now that in the last few months we spent so much time at home we realised how important it is to take advantage of every little corner you have to escape the reality of everyday life, or just make it better, a better everyday life and experience for us and our family, our friends (who visit us a lot by the way).

I wanted this space to remind us of our favorite places we traveled to – Bali, Thailand, so we always use incense sticks to add a special touch and aroma to the garden. You can find our favorite site for incense & oils and special wood and plans to burn. We used natural materials as much as we could – the rug, the pillows, the swing, lots of wood for the lights and mainly neutral, light tones: white, beige, off-white, gray and natural shades of the wood and so on. 

With the walnut tree growing inside the Zen Garden it has such a special feeling, it’s always shadowy and mosquito-free by nature, so this is the best place to do literally whatever: drink your coffee in the morning, edit a vlog in silence (no wifi / signal ahahah), have a simple gathering at night with friends, do a BBQ in the afternoon… or just WORK on crafts & stuff. This is my new favorite place, to be honest. First few nights we’ve been out in the garden up until midnight, just looking at the lights, at the moon, just enjoying the new feeling…

Here are some photos I took in the afternoon when the sunlight is just… a delight. Only the best for you guys:

And here’s the video we’ve just posted on Youtube, one that includes both a before & after and a few thoughts. Hope you will enjoy this video, we love this personal and intimate space we created in the garden, the tree is shadowing the whole place perfectly. Just love the whole energy.

I wore a gray set from My Protein, you can find it here, on my page: and pink satin Hello Body wrap the night before. No makeup. Just GOOD VIBES. 


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  • Nevermore, 19 iulie 2020 at 7:53

    Foarte frumos. Un mic sfat, evita sa mai pui leduri in jurul copacului, se va usca.